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shipping pipe
¡¡Product Introduction£º

Size£ºOuter diameter£º14mm---426mm
Wall thickness£º1.5---40mm
¡ñShip regulations£º
1¡¢CCS Rules for Classification and Construction of Ships
2¡¢BV Rules for Classification of Ships
3¡¢LR Rules and Regulations for Classification of Ships
4¡¢DNV Rules for Classification of Ships
5¡¢GL Rules for Classification and Construction
¡ñStandard: GB/T5312

¡ñApplication: For the line pipe manufacturing of marine boliers,superheaters and pressure-resistant

¡ñSize deviation
Outer diameter
Hot-rolled pipe
Size (mm)
¡Ü 159
£¾ 159
Allowable deviation (%)
¡À 1.0
¡À 1.25
cold drawn pipe
Size (mm)
¡Ü 30
£¾ 30~50
£¾ 50
Allowable deviation
¡À 0.20mm
¡À 0.30mm
¡À 0.8%
Wall thickness
Hot- rolled pipe
Size (mm)
3 £¼ S ¡Ü 20
S £¾ 20
Allowable deviation (%)
¡À 10
cold drawn pipe
Size (mm)
£¾ 3
Allowable deviation (%)
¡À 10

steel pipe seamless pipe seamless steel pipe